I chose the classic 'John Travolta' walk from his movie, 'Saturday Night Fever' . Travolta donned this somewhat casual, yet cool boy vibe owning the space he's around with suave, confidence and panache. First I rigged my character (blockman) by going into the Rigging mode in Maya and creating joints using the 'create joint' option under the skeleton menu. I placed the joints in the appropriate places and then added the meshes by making them children of the joints created. It is important to make sure that the joints created are named correctly in order to make it easy to understand which component to alter while animating. Next I created Inverse kinematic (IK) handles by selecting the 'create IK handle' under the skeleton menu for the legs, hands, etc. After this I animated the character by altering the translation and rotation values of these IK handles and other parts on specific key frames. Finally, I play blasted the animation to create my walk cycle

Walking without a care in the world marked by confidence

That feeling when you realize you walked pass someone you know :P

Confidence marked with suave, swag and panache

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