(a) Participant in our simulation, (b) digital writing in VR with self-avatar, (c) coloring in VR without self-avatar, (d) digital writing in the real world, and (e) writing in the real world using a pen and paper.

GOAL: Comparing how writing and art work are performed in VR and the real world.

Description: In a between-subjects empirical evaluation, we studied participants' fine motor coordination with several digital input based writing and artistic tasks performed both in virtual and real world settings, further examining the effects of providing a virtual self avatar on task performance. We integrated multiple tracking systems and applied inverse kinematics to animate the virtual body and simulate hand motions. We went on to compare how different the outputs of these digital input metaphors are to a real world pen and paper approach in an effort to ascertain where we currently stand in being able to support writing and note taking in virtual world contexts. 

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