Hi! I'm Roshan!

Passionate UX and XR Researcher, Designer, and Developer
I am a Research Associate with the Virtual Experiences Research Group at the University of Florida.
My research interests broadly focuses on the use of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality to understand human perception and action, with the end goal of improving the overall XR user experience. 
Over the last few years, I have had the chance to investigate different perceptual phenomena in these mediums associated with but not limited to:

- inputs and interactions with avatars,

- cybersickness and spatial awareness,

- virtual humans and user-attention,

- presence, workload, and usability,

- writing and artwork in VR,

- depth, size, sound, and affordance perception
My specialization deals with object manipulation interactions in XR using different virtual end effector representations. This research informs designers and developers on how best to represent users' hands in order to improve fine motor interactions with entities like objects, tools, menus, icons and interfaces, etc.

I've been fortunate enough to establish an eclectic mixture of highly successful interdisciplinary collaborations with experts from psychology, neuroscience, computer vision and graphics, digital production, and cyber innovators at an international and multi-institutional level.

Outside of research, I spend my time hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, and playing sports like soccer,  tennis,  basketball, spike ball, volleyball,  badminton,  ultimate frisbee, and more. I also enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures through food and meeting new people.
Latest News

January 2024: Three papers accepted to the IEEE VR 2024 conference.
October 2023: Started a new position as a Research Associate.

August 2023: Defended and earned a PhD in Human Centered Computing.

April 2023: Won the best paper award and an honorable mention for the best paper award for two papers at IEEE VR and 3D User Interfaces from among 612 submissions.

March 2023: Presented two TVCG journal papers at IEEE VR Shanghai.

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